26 March 2011

Hi! They call me Cheburashka.

March 26, 2011-Hi! They call me Cheburashka, although that is not really my name. I don’t remember my name. I used to live in a beautiful tropical jungle. One morning I got up early while everyone was still sleeping. I wanted to go outside to play and get some fresh air. I left my home where my parents and my siblings were sleeping. I kept walking and walking until I came to the edge on the jungle and there I saw a large orchard and some boxes of oranges. Since I was hungry, I climbed into one of the boxes and began to eat breakfast. I ate three whole oranges, and that was a mistake, because my belly was too full and I was getting very sleepy. So I went to sleep on top of the fruit, in the box. When I woke up it was very dark, and I could not get out of the box, it was nailed shut. Now, I was hungry because it was late, so I ate some more oranges and went to sleep again. I must have slept a long time. I heard strange noises which scared me, I felt like I was moving and getting bounced around. I tried to get out but I couldn’t move. Finally I heard humans talking and I could see some light coming through the tiny holes in the box. Then the top of the box opened. When the box opened, I saw that almost all of the oranges were gone, and I was so full my stomach was bloated and I could not sit up. Then a human picked me up and tried to make me stand, but I could not because my leg was numb from being cramped in the box. When I tried to walk I fell because of my leg being numb and sleeping. The human said I looked like a tumbling (cheburahalsya) toy. And so he called me Cheburashka.  (Day 86:365 @sharkbayte)


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